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    About BBA Programme

    BBA Distance Education program helps students develop the business insights and entrepreneurial skills that are essential for future leaders and role models in the industry. For people who are unable to complete a traditional BBA program at a college or institution, the BBA online and distance learning program is a career springboard.

    Through a combination of classroom lectures, hands-on training, and practical projects, students gain valuable experience and exposure to the latest tools and technologies. Our industry interactions and internships provide students with valuable networking opportunities, preparing them for a successful career in the tech industry.

    Why BBA Online Course?

    Eligibility for BBA Distance Education program?

    Advantages of pursuing BBA Distance Education program?

    Course Fee



    x 6 Semesters

    Exam Fees

    ₹1,000/- x 6 Sem

    Total Fees




    x 3 Years

    Exam Fees

    ₹2,000/- x 3 Year

    Total Fees


    One time registration fee of ₹1,000 is included in the total fee

    EMI options starting at ₹1,000 month *

    Duration of BBA Online Course

    The duration of an online Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) is 3 years and the curriculum of the program is divided into 6 semesters of 6 months each. The syllabus of the BBA program is comprehensive and helps in developing a strong base of managerial and entrepreneurial skills. For students who are willing to pursue their career in the management domain, BBA is the right option for higher education.


    Scope of BBA Distance Education , Top Companies & Job Opportunities

    BBA Distance Education

    What is the Procedure for Getting an Education Loan for a BBA Distance Education program?

    Getting an education loan is a great option if one wishes to finance their education. So why wait for a fixed time just get there and apply for the same. But got confused about how to apply for an education loan. Then, here is a brief about the procedure for applying for an education loan.

    BBA Distance Education Specialization

    Distance Education School provides a variety of BBA Distance programs, allowing you to choose the specialization that best suits your interests and career goals. Explore Some of the Most Popular Specializations Below

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, a BBA distance learning program is permissible in both the private and public sectors if completed at a UGC-DEB university.

    No, you can enroll directly for the BBA distance learning program.

    Actually, there is no upper age limit for enrolling in distance learning BBA programs.

    Yes, most UGC-DEB approved universities are now offering exams online due to the pandemic.


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