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Distance Education Centre is an online education portal that connects students and professionals with UGC approved universities in India.


Distance Education Centre is an online education portal that connects students and professionals with UGC approved universities in India. Our aim is to provide the best career guidance to students so that they can get the education of their preference and excel in their professional journey.

We are dedicated to bringing Distance & Online education to every corner of India such that no student refrains from formal education.

Distance Education/Online Education in the current time is a vast pool of opportunities but at the same time presents its own set of challenges- such as Lack of proper guidance & support.

All of this caused an air of mistrust and reluctance among the students who wished to pursue their education through distance learning courses. We at, Distance Education Centre, have identified this problem and decided to tackle it with our 100% Unbiased & Free, Distance/Online education Portal to provide you with the right guidance and information empowering you to make an informed decision about your future.

We are committed to providing reputed universities (Distance/Online Education) so that you will know about us and courses to meet or exceed the expectations of our students. We get reliable information about the fees and other charges to be paid to universities for securing admissions, Services under transparency.

We go by the feedback and reviews of real students combined with the knowledge of our team of Education Counselors and Industry Experts with over a decade of experience in Distance/Online Education.


This is the time of rigorous competition and nobody can achieve the highest position in the professional life, until shaping the career in the required manner. It does not matters how long it has been, when you have left enhancing your skills.

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"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Distance Education Centre provides various options to suit your profession. DEC is associated with India’s top universities and provides plenty of courses in different disciplines. You can now initiate a step towards your educational cum professional growth.

Pursue these courses along with your job and get benefited with various better career opportunities.


To offer correct information and guide those people who wish to pursue their higher education via online or distance mode


To reach people in every corner, to make them aware of the benefits they can reap with the era of online and distance education


Offering correct information so that students can make informed decisions


Become an expert with admission to India's best universities.

Perfect Pathway

Help you track down the right university and course for your distance learning venture

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The counsellors at DEC help you facilitate the confirmation cycle.

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Provides career guidance by the best mentors.

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